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J-Pole Antennas and a 3D Folded Loop!

We have created a Recommended Channel List for all ARES/ALERT Members to use when programming their radios (HTs, Mobiles, Base Stations.) The goal here is that you will know what's programmed on any ALERT radio you are asked to use, even if it is supplied as a "Privately Owned Unit" by another member. Click the button at the right to download the list. Please program your radios using this list as the first 80 memory channels. (Skip 440 and 220 frequencies if your radio does not have those capabilities. Leave those channel numbers "blank.")

Fran Zimmer K4FPZ has put together a list of items

you should bring when deployed. And, a list of

recommended First Aid materials is included.

Click the button at right to download the listing:

Prepare ahead of time for Deployment using this information:

During drills and an actual disaster response, ALERT members will check into nets based on where they live in the county. Click the button at right to download the latest ALERT Area map.

WinLink: An import EmComm Tool is the WinLink E-mail over ham radio Program.

Click the button below to download a PDF of a Slide Story that shows how to set it up...



It is important that we follow a standard protocol when operating emergency nets. During an activation we can expect a large number of transmissions in a relatively short time. For this reason everybody has to be on the same page so that the area net control operators will be able to take messages quickly and efficiently.


Message Handling Tools and Information

ARES Forms and modified ICS-213 with Instructions


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