Many hams enjoy "chasing awards" (or "Wallpaper" as these Certificates of Accomplishment are often called in the amateur radio community.) And there are many different awards available. These awards are issued by several different amateur radio organizations and they all are based on confirmed contacts with amateurs in the U.S. or around the world. Confirmation must be by QSL card or LOTW (ARRL's "Log of the World"-- an online database) reports. A few of the awards are shown here:

"Worked All Continents"

--One of the easiest awards to secure. You only need one confirmed contact in each of the seven continents.

"DX Century Club"

--Takes a serious committment. Requres one contact in at least 100 of the 325 or so different countries in the world.

"Worked All USA Counties"

--Almost impossible to achieve. Some counties have few or no hams, so making a contact in those counties only happens when someone from outside the county drives into it and offers QSOs to interested hams.

MARAC also has awards for working all counties in your state; for working counties using low power (QRP=5 watts or less); and there are many others.


Several versions, but requires a specific number of contacts with other "grid locations" on VHF or UHF frequencies. ARRL award. Specifics are on their web site.


The "Worked All States" award is issued by the ARRL. You must have at least one confirmed contact in all 50 U.S. States.

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