Steve Smith W9GPI is the ARES Emergency Coordinator (EC) in Lee County, Florida   email

Our Assistant Emergency Coordinators (AECs) are:

First Assistant Emergency Coordinator. (Job open!)

Don Domina KCØDE is our Membership Coordinator.


Artis Kitchens N3XGL is responsible for maintaining Radio Equipment / Antennas controlled by ARES   email

John Wells W4CMH handles Training for our ARES Team.


Rich Schnieders KR4PI maintains our WinLink Servers and helps train members in WinLink and other Digital Comm systems.  email

Larry Stiles WF4LS is ARES Liaison to the American Red Cross in Lee County. email

Dave Sheppard W2PAX is ARES Liaison to the ARRL NTS (National Traffic System) email


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